Tzaneng supplies poles for transmission cables, telephone lines, building fencing, and various agricultural applications. We can also supply poles to specific customer requirements. Customization services include drilling, plain and peeling. Standard features on our poles include nail plates and serialized labelling by metal plate. In addition we can provide wire bounding at both end as well as pole caps for prevention of water damage in the field.  Our products comply with applicable quality standards, and we adhere to all relevant environmental protection requirements.

We offer both creosote and CCA treated poles.

We specialise in the treatment, supply and delivery of Eucalyptus (Blue Gum) poles. Varieties that we supply include:

 Botanical Name  Common Name
 Eucalyptus cloeziana**  Cloeziana**
 Eucalyptus grandis  Saligna
 Eucalyptus grandis / E. saligna hybrids  Saligna
 Eucalyptus saligna  Saligna

**This species can withstand a maximum fibre stress in bending of 75MPa based on the required minimum top diameter of the pole or cross-arm and on a taper of 5mm per 1 meter of length.

Tzaneng specialises in the supply of cloeziana, with up to 80% of our poles from this species.
Eucalyptus poles are much stronger than similar-sized pine poles and are therefore preferred for structural and transmission applications.